QRZ.com database stolen?

    Many hams around the world are not aware their personal data and pictures were taken from QRZ.com and are being used at QRZCQ.com without asking them and without their permission. We have received following information from Tom, SP5XO:

    “Today I received an email from DO5SSB inviting me to register in some [other] ham database.

    I wasn’t interested so that email went to trash. But, in the afternoon my friend called me to ask how I registered on QRZ.com because he wanted to do that as well. I thought he was joking because we are both already registered on QRZ.com for a long time.

    After a short confusion, he explained that he can see my data on some new “qrz” page.

    I checked this page and found this:

    Now, I did not register to this page. I did not allow QRZ.com to share my data with others. I did not allow anybody to share my pictures placed on QRZ.com. Is there anybody that can explain to me what is going on here?

    *I asked QRZ.com if they allowed qrzcq.com to access their database, and if so under what conditions?

    I also ask where is the qrzcq.com privacy policy and what are the terms of use:

    *Fred AA7BQ at QRZ.com replied to Tom’s email immediately stating the database had been stolen by QRZCQ and demanded that they purge the stolen copy of their data.

    It’s another example when online privacy and personal data is exposed to violation and there are few people aware of the issue and their rights to decide where, how and by whom their data is being published and used.