QSL status: S79K

    • By Dave G3NKC – updated

    Following postal delays getting QSL’s from the printer; I rapidly turned around all of the QSL’s that had arrived to me (around 400). I am still getting a steady stream of requests, that I should turn around pretty fast. However, I am still seeing a large number of items arriving that were posted well before Christmas; The UK postal service (and in particular, my local sorting office!) is somewhat in disarray at present; and I have been told that they have a significant backlog to deal with. If anyone has applied for a card, but not received one, please QRX; it will come eventually. You can email me to enquire if you are concerned!  I will also accept PayPal to cover return postage; which will cut down on half of the journey; but please send me an email to confirm that you are doing this, and ensure that I receive sufficient funds to return a QSL to you (g3nkc@yahoo.co.uk ).