R1ANP/A – Zhongshan Station, Antarctica

    By Mehdi, F5PFP

    October 26 (as per WAP website)

    • Mikhail Fokin RW1AI has been reported active October 25 & 26 from Zhongshan Base (WAP CHN-02) signing R1ANP/A around 15:00UTC on 7023.2 using 100W and Inverted Vee antenna. QSL via RW1AI.

    September 17

    • Mike RW1AI who’s currently active as R1ANP from the Progress Antarctic station is planning an operation from Zhongshan – the neighbouring Chinese Antarctic base.

    “I shall QRV from Zhongshan station as R1ANP/A in October and November with 100w and vertical antenna”.

    As this station is an “all time new one”, obviously it will be one of the greatest events of the year for Antarctic base hunters. A slideshow in music on the three Chinese Antarctic stations (Great Wall–Zhongshan–Dome A) can be viewed here.

    73 Mehdi F5PFP