R1ANR – Novo Runway, Antarctica

    Following info is displayed on the WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program).

    HI WAP, I am very fine, but propagation is only open around 20:00Z on 40m. while 10,15,20,30m are closed, no propagation on that bands. I’m running a SteppIR antenna all bands vertical, Yaesu MK V RTX and PA ACOM 2000A… good equipment, but bad prop.

    By the way, I see every week DX bulletins that always report incorrect info about my QSL manager. RZ3BJ is not my QSL mgr – he worked here 2 years ago, but not anymore.

    I work on this place (Novo Runway) from November 2009 till the end of February 2010, and my QSL MGR is Nick Shapkin RK1PWA for Russian & Ukrainian Hams, while for other Countries the official QSL Manager is ZS1ANF:

    Oleg S. Sakharov

    P.O.Box 15968, Vlaeberg RSA

    Cape Town, Western Cape 8018, SOUTH AFRICA.

    My Previous calls were RZ1PWA and R1ANF, my home call UA1PAW and now R1ANR from Novo Runway WAP MNB-Ø6 . You can find more info and photos on my blog http://alex-v-shmarin.livejournal.com/ ok, it is in Russian, but photos are international.