Radio Amateur Activity for Special Olympics – Greece

    Seven years ago, 125 Greek radio amateurs participated in a unique Special Call activity, for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. During this historical operation they managed 146,731 QSOs on SSB, CW, RTY, PSK31 and SSTV in 10 bands. 202 DXCC countries from all 40 zones took the message of friendship and the Olympic spirit from Greek operators.

    They hope to repeat (or better) this feat again for the 2011 Special Olympics.

    Callsigns active between June 16 to July 4th: SX1A, SX2A, SX3A, SX4A, SX5A, SX6A, SX7A, SX8A, SX9A, SX0A.

    For the first time ever SX0 will be used by hams who visit Greece (SV0) during the activity. SX0A will act as JOKER and can be active all day, giving the oppotunity to enjoy ham radio during their stay, using their equipment or others.

    GOLDEN award: QSO with at least 9 Special Calls.
    SILVER award:  QSO with at least 7 Special Calls.
    BRONZE award: QSO with at least 5 Special Calls.

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