NEWS UPDATE – The RI1F team (up to 12 ops) depart for the NEW IOTA on September 23, 2017. Depending on sea conditions, it should take approx 3-4 days to reach the island. QRV thereafter. Bookmark for updates.

DECEMBER 14, 2016 – Announcement of IOTA DXpedition RI1FViktoriya Island, EU-190NEW….keep an eye here for future updates.

Note: At the 50th anniversary IOTA Convention 2014, Roger Ballister G3KMA announced 11 new reference numbers that would be added to the programme with immediate effect. As of today, only AF-118 and EU-190 are the final two still to be activated.

1) AF-118 CN Los Farallones and Jaegerschmidt, Morocco
2) NA-247 PJ7 St Maarten’s Coastal Islands
3) AF-119 S7 Coetivy Island, Seychelles
4) EU-190 RI1 Viktoriya isl, Franz Josef Land
5) OC-296 Tobi and Helen, T8 Palau
6) AS-200 JA5 Shikoku Coastal Islands
7) AS-201 Sea of Marmara isl, TA Turkey
8) AS-202 A9 Hawar isl, Bahrain
9) AS-203 UA0X Sea of Okhotsk Coast Group
10) EU-191 YO Fericirii island, Romania/Ukraine
11) NA-248 VY0 Nunavut (Devon) Island