Rockall Expedition 2010 ??

    Following info is displayed on the MM0RAI website:

    While we were obtaining our Rockall expedition in May last year, time stood still and we did nothing. We had put a lot of energy in the previous expedition and we all had a busy life, so the expedition was losing intrest. If you thought that we had no interest anymore, you are wrong!

    We are back and busy finding a boat for our next mission. However it’s difficult to find a boat to bring us up there and stays there effectively 24 to 48 hours. We therefore ask if someone is willing to contact us to bring a team of experienced people to and from the rock. Or if you know someone with a well equipt boat, that can handle up to 6 people. The material will be more limited than in our previous mission. You can email us ( info @ ) or call us at: +32495500855 (Patrick) or +32474250589 (Theo).