S21DX – Bangladesh: St Martin's Island AS127

    s21dxAgain we are ready for another IOTA. The IOTA will be at the beautiful Coral Island “St. Martin’s” in the Bay of Bengal. Look for us from 21st February to 25th February 2010 on different popular bands. St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh (S2) and belongs to IOTA AS-127 Chittagong region group. There is also a lighthouse in the Island (WLOTA #2351) very near our camp site. There is no electricity and no motor vehicle in the Island which makes the on air interference free, idle for us.

    We will have two stations and few antennas like last time:

    • ICOM IC7000
    • Yaseu FT600
    • ICOM 706MKIIG (backup)

    Operators will be:

    • S21RC
    • S21AM
    • S21S
    • S21D

    Callsign applied for the IOTA: S21DX

    [Full details now on Website]