S21YZ: Bangladesh

    Online Log

    • Announcing a Dxpedition to S2, Bangladesh, #14 Most Wanted in North America

    The FGC DX Group (*Foundation with Global Children) is pleased to announce our next multi-national DXpedition to Bangladesh, callsign S21YZ. We will begin operations by March 17, 2011 and will run until March 30th. We will activate 160-10m including the WARC bands using modes: SSB, CW, and RTTY.

    We will erect high gain antennas, use filtering and receive antennas, and run amplifiers at 4 stations, 24 hours a day. We have a new and improved QTH and will focus on the low bands to maximize this time of year. Also, we intend to listen carefully to the needs of the DX community during the operation by monitoring the activity on our website (coming soon), and other social media outlets for band openings, and dialogue with the radio community. The team is expected to consist of: JH1AJT/A51A, JA1TRC/KH2J, JP1TRJ, JA1HGY, DS4EOI, KL2A, and 3 other operators TBA.

    On behalf of our S21YZ Team, Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in the log!
    Jon Kimball, KL2A
    S21YZ Team Member