S79LR – Desroches, AF-033 – Seychelles

    UPDATE, April 20: Vlad now has website: http://s79lr.server72.ru/

    Vladimir, RA9LR will be active from the Seychelles in May 2010. His plans are:

    He will use an FT-897+ laptop, DX-88 antenna plus homemade verticals, running 100w preferably on LF bands using PSK-63, RTTY, CW and some SSB.

    Vladimir mentions:

    Expected to work in a small competition – ARI International DX Contest, Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest and CQ-M International DX Contest. Will be grateful for any assistance, advice in the work of the expedition sent hardware LOGs and programs, their settings, as well as moral support for S79LR@MAIL.RU, including the future of radio. For those who are interested in a QSO, please do short communication and share ideas scheduling and automation of communication.

    A website is under construction. Full QSL details will be announced there.