Saba 2010 DXpedition

    From Bob Allphin, K4UEE

    The Saba 2010 team has completed all preparations for the activation of Saba beginning 10/10/10. As you know by now, that is the likely date that the Netherlands Antilles will cease to exist and several new DXCC entities will be created as a result. One of those new countries should be Saba/St. Eustatius due to their close proximity. Although, this is not a 100% certainty, it is likely enough to plan an operation.

    Two teams, comprised mostly of members of the Southeastern DX Club (SEDXC) will operate over a two-week period beginning October 10th and ceasing operations the morning of October 23rd.

    A reconnaissance trip was conducted to Saba Island in March of this year, and two QTHs were selected. They are a minimum of 500 ft above the sea with a clear shot to the main target areas of JA, NA and EU. In March, this location produced many QSOs all over the world with low power and wire antennas. We should be loud! Combine this QTH and with excellent operators and we believe DXers worldwide will have a great chance of making QSOs for a brand new one.

    We have created a website ( and we will be updating it periodically. It is our intent to upload to LOTW from Saba often.

    Please note that this operation is entirely self-supporting. The operators themselves will bear all the costs and provide their personal equipment for the stations and antennas.