Scandinavian Activity Contest

    By Jarmo, OH2BN

    SAC is a fast-track race where the Nordic countries – LA, OH, OZ, SM and TF – are in serious annual country-level competition while also seeing  individual muscle flexing on all bands except 160M from 1200 UTC Saturday through 1200 UTC Sunday on SSB.

    Radio Arcala, OH8X is an alliance of young and seasoned contesters who do things together with their associates, bringing youthful energy and old wisdom into the game and working together to secure needed resources  and always topped with innovations.

    This is to introduce the Radio Arcala SAC team and their four operating locations:

    OH8X – the mother station in Northern Finland will be piloted by Toni, OH2UA. He is a young and skillful operator and the current holder of CQWW European records on both CW and SSB. <> Toni’s self-confidence is boosted by two 100-meter rotating towers and large antennas challenging the Northern Lights as well as imminent ice and snow!

    OJ0B – on Market Reef, two brave men, OH2BO and OH2PM, have decided to weather the storms and hold on to the reef to put this rare counter into  SAC. They have racked up an impressive score on low bands this week and  they will keep on running the low bands and 17M until the SAC starting  bell, with some equipment challenges. Pertti, OH2PM will pilot SAC  single-handedly. <>

    OH0B – Aland Islands, with Martti, OH2BH to offer an OH0 in SAC from the  Brando cottage that has provided reliable service as a contest multiplier for more than 30 years sporting a variety of OH0 callsigns. This is Martti’s annual October outing, taking Mom on a trip to a  wonderland which they discovered in 1979. There’s a new 80M beam which  may put Martti on a par with OH8X and OJ0B as a rare country attraction.

    OH2BH – from Southern Finland, Ilkka, OH1WZ will air the newly refurbished OH2BH contest site, using a pair of Yaesu FTdx5000’s. As a serious contester, Ilkka is also the highly acclaimed Contest Club Finland (CCF) PileUp Magazine’s Chief Editor. You are very welcome to download your PU copy with interesting reading plus a link to SAC rules. Ilkka is hammering alongside the others but is determined to cut the finish line ahead of them. <>

    Radio Arcala has set as its target to offer you a lot of fun and to see the four stations placing among the Scandinavian Top Six, single op – all bands. You can follow their performance by tracking the serial numbers of old and young Arcalians racing in full harmony.

    QSL OH8X via OH2UA. Others via OH2BH.