SF2CW – Stora Fjaderagg, EU-135

    Message from Thomas A. Rylander, SM3DMP

    SF2CW will be the call used during a holiday style visit to Stora Fjaderagg, EU-135 starting in the afternoon of July 20 and ending midday July 22.

    I’m going alone and with very limited resources. 100W from a TS-570DG and a vertical resonant only on 30 & 20m. Logging on an old laptop with CT in expedition mode. I will work mostly CW but will spend time on or around 14260 as well. My religion is www.dx-code.org : Read-Understand-Appreciate !

    Stora Fjaderagg is a beautiful place on this planet of ours so time will also be spent watching birds and seals. The islands lighthouse is SWE 063. Cards will be printed after the expedition.

    Manager is SM3DMP direct or bureau. If direct, all normal procedures and return postage fees apply.