Ship aground Clipperton

    On February 10, 2010 at 12:36 GMT, MRCC Papeete and state authorities in French Polynesia have been informed of the grounding of the vessel SICHEM OSPREY chemical tanker flying the Maltese flag on Clipperton Island (North Pacific) by the English shipping agent of the ship. The vessel of 170 meters long in transit Panama Canal towards South Korea (Ulsan) ran aground on the uninhabited atoll. The reasons for the grounding remains to be determined after investigation.

    Currently, there is no marine pollution and the 19 crew members were unharmed. The ship’s cargo includes xylene significant amount of animal fat and vegetable oil. The captain reports no leak.

    The High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia has remained the owner of the vessel to establish a contract for assistance and towing within 48 hours. This is taking all steps to be able to proceed with the removal of the vessel and its cargo.

    The MRCC Papeete and the sea area commander maintain permanent contact with the shipping agent and the ship. A naval vessel will soon sail to the area of French sovereignty to Clipperton.

    Hat tip: F1JKJ