SJ9WL – Morokulien‏

    Message from Hans, SM0IMJ:

    I will put SJ9WL on the air between the 27th and 30th of July. Mainly CW on all bands from 160m-10m depending on conditions.

    The main task of the organisation behind SJ9WL (and LG5LG) is to provide founding for courses that gives handicapped people radio amateur lisence. The radioshack can be rented by worldwide radio amateurs, and it is very popular because of its very attractive callsigns, the Norwegian LG5LG and the Swedish SJ9WL. The location of the amateur station is also unique, because this is probably the only amateur station worldwide which is operating from the borderline between two countries. The shack is made useable for handicapped people. The income from rental activities are used to help Norwegian and Swedish handicapped to get amateur lisence. For more info see:

    73 Hans – SM0IMJ

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