Snapshot – Your poll vote results for first month.

    Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

    At the end of February, DX World decided to add a Top 50 Most Wanted Entities poll based on a similar format to DX Magazine’s 100 Most Needed Countries.

    The poll simply said “Which Top 50 DXCC entities do you still need – any band/any mode?” It is aimed at the global audience, and with now approaching a total vote spread of 19,000 clicks, below are the results for one month.

    The poll runs until August 31, 2009. Between now and then a simple snapshot at the end of every month will appear on site. A few viewers indicated could they have band/mode breakdown per entity within the poll, but as you can see, it’s a pretty large poll without including that. Perhaps this is something for 2010..

    It’s hoped by covering six months in total, the poll will give the most detailed picture ever of what everyone worldwide needs the most, regardless of band/mode.  There is plenty of time left to vote –  tell your radio buddies to add theirs 🙂

    Poll can be found at right side of site.

    DXCC Entity Position/Votes
    North Korea 1st (773)
    Navassa 2nd (735)
    Yemen 3rd (733)
    Glorioso 4th (584)
    Heard Island 5th (537)
    Marion Isl 6th (532)
    Amsterdam 7th (522)
    Bouvet 8th (512)
    Crozet 9th (488)
    S.Sandwich 10th (468)
    S.Orkney 11th (465)
    Midway 12th (453)
    Kingman Reef 13th (450)
    Auckland/Campbell 14th (446)
    Malpelo 15th (440)
    Macquarie 16th (439)
    Tromelin 17th (435)
    Palmyra 18th (422)
    Conway Reef 19th (413)
    Juan de Nova 20th (391)
    Wake Island 21st (384)
    Chesterfield 22nd (379)
    Mellish Reef 23rd (377)
    Baker & Howland ~24th (362)
    Johnston Atoll ~24th (362)
    Pratas Island 25th (361)
    St Peter & St Paul 26th (346)
    Scarborough Reef 27th (338)
    Eritrea 28th (337)
    South Georgia 29th (336)
    Central Kiribati 30th (332)
    San Felix 31st (327)
    Mount Athos 32nd (325)
    Kure Atoll 33rd (306)
    Trinidade 34th (302)
    Kerguelen 35th (297)
    Myanmar 36th (287)
    Minami Torishima 37th (285)
    Kermadec 38th (274)
    Annobon 39th (270)
    Banaba 40th (269)
    Tristan da Cunha 41st (268)
    Temotu 42nd (258)
    Spratly 43rd (236)
    Tokelau 44th (233)
    Andaman 45th (227)
    Lakshadweep 46th (168)
    Palestine 47th (164)
    Willis Island 48th (121)
    Desecheo 49th (52)

    Two results are noticeable already. Midway KH4 has jumped up to a most wanted globally and, of course, Desecheo KP5 has fallen to bottom!

    Please note the poll totals change regularly. Next snapshot April 30th.