Solar Activity

    UPDATE: The first solar flux update of today  (scroll to bottom) from Penticton, BC has a reading of 100.2 According to Solar Cycle

    ..depending on what the second reading is, we may see the first solar flux in triple digits of Cycle 24

    The largest flare of Solar Cycle 24 has occured today at 11:26UTC. The M8.3 flare from Sunspot 1046 means a R2 Radio Blackout took place. More to follow..


    Feb 7, 2010

    • Largest Solar Flare of Cycle 24

    Three M-Flares including an M6.4 has taken place around Sunspot 1045. The flare at 03:19 UTC Sunday is the largest solar flare of Cycle 24 thus far. Any earth directed explosions could trigger geomagnetic storming. The latest blast has triggered an R2 Radio blackout which could temporarily degrade HF communications on the sunlit side. More to come.