Solomon Islands Dxpedition

    Ralph, H44RK mentions he is planning a DXpedition in and around the Solomon Islands next year via his sailing boat Hafskip.

    The trip will start around April from Vella la Vella OC-149 and continue through to Temotu Province (H40RK). From there it’s possible to be operating on many of the other islands on the way back to VK4-land

    If you are interested in further info or wish to become a sponsor of this trip in any way, please contact  ralph.honiara[at]

    Ref. No. Group Name
    OC-047 Solomon Islands
    OC-127 Rennell Island
    OC-149 New Georgia Islands
    OC-158 Florida Islands
    OC-162 Shortland Island
    OC-168 Russell Islands
    OC-192 Ontong Java Atoll
    OC-285 Stewart Islands [ AKA Sikaiana Atoll ]