Spratly Update

    • By Chris, VK3FY

    I’m heading to the Philippines for a few days work this coming week. Hope to use any spare time I get during the week to discuss plans for next April. Ten operators of DX0DX 2011 have indicated they will return in 2012.

    Slowly the DX0DX 2011 assets are being sold off as agreed by all operators, and though it’s taking some time to move everthing, waiting for a better price is better for each op as it will help to return a better refund to each participant.

    I hope to catch up with the Westcom General when I am in Manila. Will keep you posted on all progress. Also I have letters from senator endorsement and a letter from the presidential Office. I don’t want any unexpected surprises as happened last January. Hence any spare time I have during my work visit I will use to meet with the authorities to double check there no other surprises.