St. Maarten and Curacao: Seperate countries by October 2010.

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    To further the reply left by Marco, PJ7MF and to make more prominent on site, below are quotes from both Marco and The Daily Herald newspaper of St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles.

    As per todays newspaper, the government of the Netherlands Antilles and Holland agreed on the exact date 10-10-10 (10 October 2010) when St. Maarten will become a country by itself, separate from the main Neth. Antilles island which is Curacao and separated from Holland. The two neighbor islands of Saba PJ6 and St. Eustatius PJ5 will become provinces of Holland and basically will be considered as European territory (same as French St. Martin FS).

    From the Daily Herald newspaper of St. Maarten.

    WILLEMSTAD–St. Maarten and Curacao will become separate countries within the Dutch Kingdom on October 10, 2010, and this date is irrevocable.

    This is the agreement reached in the Kingdom Political Steering Group meeting held in the World Trade Center in Curacao on Wednesday.

    However, while this date of 10-10-10 on which the Netherlands Antilles will officially cease to exist is irrevocable, the two new countries will be subjected to conditions should they not meet certain agreed criteria such as getting their Justice systems, police and good governance in order and up to acceptable levels.

    Thanks to Marco PJ7MF for the update.