T03HK – Principality of Seborga

    UPDATE: March 6. Zoli has changed his mind and will not now use the callsign T03HK. See comment below.

    Using the callsign T03HK (Tango Zero Three Hotel Kilo) Zoli, HA3HK will be active from the Principality of Seborga from March 12 – 14. The following is displayed in Wikipedia

    The Republic of Italy and international institutions consider and treat Seborga (unlike San Marino or Vatican City State, enclaved in the peninsula) as an integral part of the territory of Italy. Moreover, there is no tension between the “Principality” of Seborga and the Italian government, because the “Principality” has only a symbolic value. Law enforcement, public health, telecommunications, school services and all other public services are provided as in the rest of Italy. Seborgans regularly pay taxes, participate in the Italian administrative life, and vote in local and national (Italian) elections. For instance, in the elections of the Senate in 2001 the voter turnout was 84.21%.

    In other words, the Principality of Seborga does not count for DXCC. However, T03HK is QSL via HA3HK should you work Zoli.