T31A – Kanton Island

    April 25 – T31A website

    RTTY will probably be starting tomorrow, Tuesday Z. Also, 6 meters has a beacon running and there IS an operator nearby in case any answers. Lastly, operator N1EMC will be capturing the log data and uploading to the website at about 2200Z, very doubtful before that due to local problems. So watch for log update later today. This will answer the RTTY, 6m and log inquiries. The team is doing the best they can with lack of sleep, weather problems and other related antenna repairs.

    April 22 – T31A started operations shortly after 0000z. Thanks to VK4MIA and VK7ZE for the following recordings.

    15m [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/T31A-15m.mp3|titles=T31A 15m]
    10m [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/T31A-0050UTC-10M.mp3|titles=T31A 0050UTC 10M]

    April 21 – The team arrived at sunset T31 time (about 0500Z), and since sunrise is not until 1830Z and the team is VERY tired, it is hoped all necessary equipment, antennas, tents, generators etc can be done as quickly as possible during daylight hours. There are meetings with local officials and much to do for all team members. Expect one station operational by perhaps as early at 2000-2200. Keep in mind, to this point at 1730Z, it is total darkness at T31 until 1830Z.

    At 02:25UTC, the T31A team were near to Kanton island. N7CW/mm in QSO with W0CZE and VK7ZE mentions they may be on air later tonight, Central Kiribati time:

    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/HRD-2011-04-21-121744.mp3|titles=HRD 2011-04-21 121744]

    [T31A website]

    April 19 – Any operation from T31A the past two days is a pirate. The team won’t arrive until very late tonight and cannot possibly be on air until Wednesday at the earliest.

    April 18 – Based on leaving 5W at approximately 0500Z on April 16th, it is expected that the team will arrive April 19th, late in the evening local T31 time. After the first 1-2 stations are set up the following day, it is expected that the first operation will begin the afternoon of April 20th (about 0500Z April 21st). All depends on a normal sailing time of 4 full days to Kanton Island.

    The boat delay in sailing from 5W was NOT the fault of the T31A team in any way. The team will put forth the best effort possible during the T31A operation.

    April 16 – The T31A boat has now departed the marina in Apia, Samoa and is en route to Kanton Island. On air activities in a few days. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/N6HC-mm-17-CW.mp3|titles=N6HC-mm-17-CW]

    April 13 – The boat chartered for sailing to Kanton is delayed and will not arrive in Apia until late 14th or early 15th, so the departure is delayed until maybe as late as the 16th.

    The boat captain arrived in Apia by plane. All operators are anxious about the delay as to how it may affect the T31A total operating days and also return flights to home QTHs beginning on May 2nd.

    Standby for updates. [T31A website]