The PJ’s and LoTW

    PJ News Update

    The biggest changes include the deletions of the Netherlands Antilles entities and the addition of the four new entities (PJ2, PJ4, PJ5/6, and PJ7) to the system. It will take some time for all the changes to appear throughout the system.

    Already you might notice that your current entity totals have dropped because of the deletions. If you had both of the PJs confirmed on 10 bands, you will see your entity total drop by 20. The PJ operations have already started obtaining their certificates and will be entering their logs into LoTW shortly – some may make it into the system by 00Z, 4 March.

    • PJ2/K8ND

    Jeff says: After requesting my new LoTW certificate for PJ2/K8ND just before midnight, I received my requested new LoTW certificate just before 9 AM today, and uploaded my 4126 post 10-10-10 PJ2/K8ND QSOS by 9:30 AM. The LoTW computers processed my uploads just before 11 AM, and I had immediate confirmation matches for 1755 QSOs (42.5%)!

    • PJ2T

    Scott, N9AG (QSL Manager) earlier this week said: As a follow up, I have just mailed the last of the 6000 pre-December PJ2T QSLs. I’m starting on the newer ones now.

    • PJ6A

     Bill, N4NX (QSL Manager) mentions: Wanted to make you aware that ALL of the PJ6A logs were successfully uploaded to LoTW last night. I am already receiving emails of confirmation.

    • PJ7E

    Craig, K9CT & Joe, W8GEX (co-leaders) say: We are doing very well getting out QSLs but still have about 5 mailing trays to confirm yet. Tom, N4XP, our QSL manager, expects to complete those in the next three weeks. The OQSL will be shut down on March 4th. The OQSL service has been a huge success with certificates issued with the QSLs. All of the OQSLs received at this time have been mailed. ARRL has announced that they will soon be issuing the LOTW certificates to the new PJs. We are ready to upload the logs at that time. The PJ7E team thanks everyone for their QSO’s.

    Courtesy QRZ.DX (N4AA) — [Edited]