[Now QRT] Z60K – The Republic of Kosovo now on air.

    • Sept 24 – ARRL confirm Z60K or any other Z6 station will not count for DXCC.
    • Sept 21 – The Z60K license + update from Z60K group.
    From left: Mr Ekrem Hoxha, CEO of TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority); Mr Nikola Perci, Executive Committee Member, IARU R1; Mr Martti Laine, Coordinator of Mission Goodwill Kosovo; Mr Besim Beqaj, Minister of Economic Development; Mr Hans Blondeel Timmerman, President of IARU R1; Mr Bob Bardin, of the United States, and Mr Besnik Berisha, Board Member, TRA.

    In response to several requests, it is agreed to release a copy of the Z60K station permit for public review. This is also to do our best to avoid any interference from those that may question the legality of the project and the related radio operations now underway.

    The permit is released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Kosovo which features this occasion on their website since participating in the project is also the Minister in charge of telecommunications.  Under the present circumstances, the Republic of Kosovo is not planning to apply for UN membership in the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile, the country is now proudly functioning with the established procedures in all fields, with an open willingness to integrate with the world at large and to engage in full cooperation with all countries of the world. The 91 countries that have to date recognized the Republic of Kosovo are supporting and endorsing the efforts of the Republic to do so. It is expected that the number of recognizing countries will reach one-hundred soon – the worth of DXCC.

    The International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1, is proud to play an assisting role in bringing Kosovo to the ranks of Amateur Radio and assisting the Kosovo regulators and the local Amateur Radio Association to become an integral part of the IARU charter and the world.

    • Sept 20 – Copy of Z60K license suggests activity will be until September 24, 2012.

    • Sept 20 – Jim Weaver – K8JE, ARRL Great Lakes Director on Z60K activity:

    Of interest to DXers is the current operation from Kosovo — Z60K.  I want to ensure that everyone interested in QSOing this activity understands it does not qualify for DXCC credit.  This is because Kosovo  is neither a member of the United Nations nor does it have an ITU-issued call sign block.  At this time, Kosovo does not meet the established requirements of the DXCC program.

    • Sept 19 – Recommencement of Amateur Radio Services in Republic of Kosovo and the assignment of country call sign – Z6

    Based on the provisions and procedures of the Law on Telecommunications and the decision of the Kosovo’s Government for adoption of country’s call sign Z6 (Ref. Decision Nr. 01/89, date; 29/08/2012) as a call sign for the whole territory of the Republic of Kosova, the Board of Directors of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) on September 12th, 2012 approved the Regulation for Amateur Radio Services, creating the necessary legal framework for the development of amateur radio services in the Republic of Kosova. [more]

    • Sept 19 – QRZ.com on Kosovo (Z6)

    Based on the demand of actual amateurs wanting to add Z6 callsigns, and the events which have recently unfolded, we have decided to recognize Kosovo as valid for amateur radio contacts and inclusion into the QRZ database.

    We have nothing to say about the internal politics of Kosovo, and we don’t feel that it’s necessary to postpone its membership into our community any longer. Our only desire is to provide a uniform service to all those who seek to enjoy the hobby, regardless of their local or regional geopolitical issues. We’re confident that those who are setting up Z6 stations are worthy of membership in our hobby and we do not feel that it is whatsoever necessary to defer our decisions to groups like the ITU or the ARRL.


    • Sept 19 – The Z60K group update with the following:

    As Amateur Radio Regulations are now finalized, Kosovo welcomes foreign operators to visit the country and enjoy being part of a new amateur radio setting. The first eleven operators were licensed on Monday and there are more to come soon. The Z60K callsign is issued to the new Amateur Radio Association of Kosovo, SHRAK, and will be active from new premises as soon as these are fixed. SHRAK President, Sabit, Z61AA together with Ali, Z61DD are heading these efforts. Many individual new licensees are scheduled to have a go at the new radios at Z60K during this week.

    Also, individual visitor licensing is now in place and the first visitor license was issued at a gathering hosted by the Administrators and attended by all new local hams as well as their instructors. You may hear Emir, 9A6AA as Z6/9A6AA starting today. An application for a visitor license can be printed soon from the Administrators’ (TRA) website but, in the short term, you can obtain an application form from any of the current Kosovo instructors; G3TXF, N2BB/MD0CCE, OH2TA or OH2BH.

    The IARU delegation of Hans, PB2T; Nikola, 9A5W and Emil, 9A9A will be departing today and the folks in Kosovo are delighted with their help. All day yesterday was still spent streamlining the technicalities and the procedures for regulations and licensing as some bands are still subject to certain limitations with other users of the spectrum. For example, 80M is not currently permitted.

    We are delighted to be part of this historic week as a new European country is entering the scene. Be prepared as the contesting season is also just around the corner, and make sure to add Z6 to your master multiplier database and expect Z6 stations to appear on the air.

    Heart-warming moments were experienced as local operators were given their licenses by a Kosovo Assembly representative and Ekrem Hoxha, Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA.

    They have posted their logs on ClubLog so make sure you check it to see you worked the legitimate Z60K and not one of the many pirates, which are on the same beam headings.

    • Sept 17 — Z60K — Launch of Amateur Radio in Pristina, Kosovo. IARU Project.

    Z60K now listed on Club Log with the following message:

    Provisionally The Republic of Kosovo – pending news from ARRL. This DXCC is temporarily marked as a current DXCC entity in Club Log in order to allow the expedition log search features to function correctly. Approval for this operation will come from ARRL alone.

    On September 17, shortly after 17z, international and local ops started operating as Z60K from near Pristina, Kosovo on both 20 and 17m SSB. Operators included 9A9A, MD0CCE, OH2BH and OH2TA. Local TV recorded the moment live on air. QSL via G3TXF. The team apparently received their license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority – http://www.art-ks.org/

    An Amateur Radio working group headed by IARU Region 1 President Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T and including IARU Region 1 Executive Committee Member Nikola Percin, 9A5W and Mission Goodwill Kosovo Coordinator Martti Laine, OH2BH together with their associates are in the final stages of assisting Kosovo’s Telecom Authorities in drafting regulations governing Amateur Radio in Kosovo, to bring the original Kosovar operators and their re-vitalized Amateur Radio Association back to the international community.

    Full details.


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