TJ9PF: Cameroon (now QRT)

    NEWS UPDATE by Maurice, F5NQL Internet Information for TJ9PF

    The last QSO has been logged at 1200z. The first target of 80000 QSO wasn’t reached but despite all of the problems they suffered with electricity, static and propagation, they finally stopped on about 67000 QSO.
    One of the most important things is they have once again broken the RTTY QSO’s number world record in a Dxpédition, with more than 17000. They kept the previous record since they broke it for the first time in 2009 during TS7C dxpedition. They also keep the Digital Dxpedition QSO World record.

    Yann, F1NGP has uploaded the complete logbook on Club_log. Corrections to be made will be considered when Yann returns home.
    They are all occupied in dismantling and packing the gear. They have not much time as the bus will pick up them at the hôtel at 1700 for the drive to the Airport.

    We are waiting for our TJ9PF friends tomorrow morning at Paris CdG. Many thanks to all of you who made TJ9PF a success.