TM1G – Glenan Archipelago, EU-094

    A French and Belgian team will conduct an IOTA DXpedition to the Glenan Archipelago, EU-094 between July 27th to August 3rd, 2011.

    • French Ops: F1LLV (Didier), F4ELJ (Didier), F6CNM (Jef), F8DHM (Pierre), F8FKD (Nicolas).
    • Belgian Ops: ON4LRG (Robert), ON4LUC (Luc), ON4VK (Nicolas), ON5PO (Janny) ON6DP (Paul), ON7PC (Pierre), ON7RN (Eric).

    During the IOTA Contest, they will be on St Nicolas Is. (EUR-094 – DIFM AT-010 – FFF-200 ). The FFF-200 is a NEW ONE reference for the French Fauna & Flora Award.

    After the IOTA Contest, the team will split into two groups and activate a few different reference awards such as DFCF, DIFM, ARLHS. While one group continues to transmit from St Nicolas Island, a second group will move to three islands within the Glenan Archipelago.

    • Bananec Is. (EU-094 – DIFM AT-064)
    • Cigogne Is. (EU-094 – DFCF 29-004 – DIFM AT-061 ) ,
    • Penfret Is. (EU-094 – DIFM AT-059 – ARLHS FRA-047)