To Interested DXers – 10/10/10

    • From all teams participating in DXpeditions to new DXCC entities beginning 10-10-10

    Due to the unprecedented number of potential new DXCC entities and numerous planned DXpeditions commencing 10-10-10, we felt it was prudent to establish a Band Plan to try to minimize interference between DXpeditions and their pileups.

    <– The following Band Plan is the result of discussions that have been ongoing for several weeks. It is a Plan….however, without the co-operation of DXers, the plan will not work. It is extremely important that DXers call DXpeditions only within the specified frequency ranges. If you do not, you will not work the station you are calling and you will likely interfere with another DXpedition on another Island. This will require cooperation and discipline.

    Success of this plan also requires that DXers help spread the information about the Band Plan to their fellow DXers and DX Clubs. WE NEED YOUR HELP! But if we work together, we will be able to get many, many DXers into our logs!

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    • Bob K4UEE – Saba – PJ6A
    • Jeff K8ND – Curacao – PJ2T
    • Craig K9CT – St. Maarten – PJ7E
    • Kelly N0VD – Bonaire- various PJ4
    • Will AA4NC – St. Eustatius – TBD
    • Dave AH6HY – St. Eustatius – TBD
    • Paul K1XM – St. Eustatius – TBD
    • Jim K1NA – St. Eustatius – PJ5NA

    PJ_Band_Plan_10-10-10 < click (.pdf)