TO2FH – Mayotte

    • UPDATE Live online videos of the TO2FH expedition to be found here.

    The team includes PT9ZE, Jose; PY2PT, Ric; PY2TNT, Anderson; PY2WAS, Alex; and PY4BZ, Fernando. The group will depart Brazil on April 15th heading for Paris and then departing onwards to Mayotte on the 17th. They will use the special callsign TO2FH between April 18th and 25th. Plans are to have three stations QRV simultaneously on 1.8 through 28 MHz on CW, RTTY, PSK and SSB. Check us at DX Watch.

    TO2FH team estimates the costs to make this Dxpedition come true around US$ 18,000.00, assuming that no extraordinary expenses may arise. We are not sponsored so far for any company or institution. Therefore, it was agreed that we will use the online direct QSL card system only, to send our QSL. Check the instructions below and if you wish to contribute with a small donation to help us, we do thank you so much!

    You can make your donation before contacting us. If your donation is equal or higher than US$ 7.00, after contacting us and sending your e-mail with the data mentioned herein, your double colorful QSL will be shipped. Any donation below US$ 7.00, will enable the donor who contact us and send the proper e-mail to receive the single QSL. Whatever it is, we all thank you for your valuable support.

    We wish to thank so much these great colleagues for the valuable support: F6ENO – Alain, DJ8NK – Jan, PY1YB – Ivan, PY1RO – Rolf and PY1NB – Felipe.