TO4E – Pirate

    Many will have seen spots or heard “TO4E” on air last weekend. Of course, this was a bootleg and Maurice F5NQL updates with the following:

    On March 24 & 25 2012 a station appeared on the band signing TO4E, and sending the QTH as Europa Island, AF 009.

    Please note that since the genuine TO4E Dxpedition to Europa in 2003, there has been no authorized activity from the island since.

    The block of prefix used in 2003 is no longer in use. For Europa the prefix block is FT5Exx – and no licence has been issued to anyone. Access to Europa is forbidden except under special authorisation.

    As a reminder, Europa and the other islands of the Iles Eparses are now under the authority of the French Austral and Antarctic Territories authority, which has in charge the following :

    Terre Ad̩lie РFT5Y
    Crozet – FT5W
    Amsterdam – FT5Z
    Kerguelen – FT5X
    Glorieuses – FT5G
    Tromelin – FT5T
    Europa – FT5E
    Juan de Nova – FT5J

    [The FR5/G, /T, /E, /J prefix blocks no longer exist]