Top band QRV from Zone 2

    • Message from Toshi JA8BMK

    Toshi JA8BMK and Keith VE7MID plan to activate CQ Zone 2 on 160 and 80m.

    They have arranged (through Yuri VE3DZ/VE2IM) to use the VE2CSI clubhouse in Sept-ÃŽles which is in Zone 2 (50 Deg 12.33 Min N 66 Deg 21.85 Min W). Keith will pick up Toshi in Montreal on October 30 and drive to Sept-ÃŽles (1000km) on October 31 so operational from November 1 to 9.

    They are planning on a full size 80m vertical, 160m L (lots of radials!) and two beverages, using Toshi’s 600W amp and a new K3 (Dual RX).

    Callsigns will be VE2/JA8BMK and VE7MID/VE2.