TS7C – Press Release #3

    TS7C – Kerkennah Island – AF073



    To day we can say that the next F6KOP Dxpedition to Tunisia, TS7C has really begun.

    On Jan 6th , Bob N6OX, Bill N2WB, Dieter OE8KDK and Stephan OE8SKQ arrived in Roissy CdG Paris airport. Michel, FM5CD was already here too.

    Bob, Bill, Dieter and Stephan, will be awaiting the next departure at Bruno, F5AGB family??s whilst Michel FM5CD has been hosted by Jeff, F6AOJ. To day Mustapha, DL1BDF will be welcomed at Roissy CdG airport by Franco, F4EVR.

    All the gear is picked up and stocked at Franco’s F4EVR who lives not far from the airport; It will be very easy to reach the CdG baggage check-in counter zone in time on Friday night, without fever!

    Now in France it’s sunny but very frosty weather with temperatures under 0C elsewhere and all day and night long. Michel FM5CD who arrives from Fort de France doesn??t like that at all! See two pictures at: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/F6AOJ/cariboost1/crbst_151.html

    We think it will be a little better in Kerkennah, where the forecast announces between 8 and 17 C heat but with some rain on the weekend.

    Note the sunrise and sunset time in Kerkennah : 0728 and 1720.

    • Not scheduled but new now for Digitals lovers.

    Thanks to Jeff F6AOJ, two bi-bands preamps for 160-80m have been repaired and will be brought to Tunisia by Michel FM5CD so digitals modes are now included on traffic plan for 160m.

    We thank again all of those who support our Expedition by any mean, funds, grant or loan of equipment, lodging op??s, in Paris or around before and after the expedition, spreading information and so on.

    Don??t forget our Guest book at http://users2.smartgb.com/g/g.php?a=s&i=g25-39174-06

    See you on Jan 8th, in the evening.

    TS7C team