TS7TI: Plane Island, AF-091 & Kuriat Island, AF-092

    • Sept 21 – Shortly after 15:30z, TS7TI/p started operations on 40m from Kuriat Island, AF-092.


    • Sept 17 @ 16:05UTC – TS7TI/P begins operations from AF-091. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/TS7TI-p-20-SSB.mp3|titles=TS7TI-p-20-SSB]

    • Sept 16 @ 11:15UTC – Team have landed on Plane island, AF-091.

    [photo courtesy Simon, IZ7ATN]

    • Sept 15 – Latest

    Simon IZ7ATN now updates from north coast of Tunisia @ 21:00UTC – LINK

    The team started operations as TS7TI shortly after 21:00z on September 14. This morning – EU time – they were waiting for better sea conditions before attempting a crossing to Plane island, AF-091. 

    They have been QRV on 40m their sunrise and sunset from mainland Tunisia. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/TS7TI-40-SSB1.mp3|titles=TS7TI-40-SSB]

    • Sept 13 – News from Simon IZ7ATN

    Simon IZ7ATN, Leopoldo I8LWL and Alfredo IK7JWX are now aboard Grimaldi Lines ship linking Salerno and Tunis. Within 24 hours we’ll be in 3V8, where we’ll meet Montassar, responsible of 3V8ST radioclub, who is helping us committing with licences and permissions. We’lll later attend the opening of 3V8SA, the newest club station of CAST, the Tunisian Scouts Amateur Radio Club, in Ariana, a northern suburb of Tunis. Then we’ll move to northern coast of Tunisia, in front of AF-091 references. More infos tomorrow, stay tuned on DX-WORLD.NET

     The IOTA requests are:

    We will be active on all bands HF, WHF, VHF, 6m. SSB, CW, PSK31, RTTY. Our activity, during a little tour/P, will also be from some wanted WFF /VFF and from the most wanted square JM57. The call will be TS7TI used by these operators: IK7JWX, I8LWL, IZ7ATN, IK7UXW, IS0AGY, 9A3A (CW op) 3V8ST, 3V8SA, 3V8SQ. The period of activity will be: 14 – 23 September, 2010.

    The team search supporters and sponsors.