TX6T & TX6T/p – French Polynesia

    February 6: TX6T/P, on OC-063, will be looking for EU stations on 15m SSB (Vincent F4BKV) and 12m CW (G3TXF) from 15z to 17z on Tuesday. They will go QRT afterwards. [tnx G3ZSS]

    February 5: K0AP reports “on the way back from Pitcairn island the VP6T team stopped on Mangareva island OC-063 and hit the airwaves as TX6T/p. They will be there for two more days”

    January 16: TX6T has been active from Tahiti recently on 17 SSB and RTTY (Vincent F4BKV) and 30m CW (Nigel G3TXF). Logs already uploaded to both ClubLog and LoTW.

    Monday is being spent getting equipment packed and ready for the flight to Mangareva early on Tuesday morning. We hope to be boarding the boat (appropriately called “Pitcairn”) on Tuesday afternoon. [tnx G3TXF]

    January 15: Now QRV from Tahiti. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/TX6T.mp3|titles=TX6T – tnx KH6CG]

    The VP6T team is planning to be active as TX6T as they pass through French Polynesia, both on their way to and returning from Pitcairn. The approximate dates of operations from Tahiti (OC-046):

    Late on Saturday 14th January (early GMT Sunday 15th) to Monday 16th January 2012.

    Late on Tuesday 7th February (early GMT Wednesday 8th) to Friday 10th February 2012.

    In addition there may be a short operation as TX6T/p from Mangareva (OC-063) from Monday 6th February to Tuesday 7th February. However this short TX6T/p operation from Mangareva will depend on the early arrival of the return boat from Pitcairn.