Unique Swedish prefix active in Scandinavian Activity Contest 2010‏

    Message from Hans, SM0IMJ

    Now it’s time for the event of the year – The Scandinavian Activity Contest. The dates and times for The Scandinavian Activity Contests for 2010 are:

    • CW: 2010 September 18, 1200 UTC to 2010 September 19, 1200 UTC
    • SSB: 2010 October 9, 1200 UTC to 2010 October 10, 1200 UTC

    Please observe: Due to a huge collision between CQ WW RTTY DX Contest and the SSB part of SAC, we have moved the SSB leg to the second full weekend of October. During the contest, SA8C will be activated. This is the only station from the Swedish call area 8 and it is only active during SAC CW and SAC SSB. As every worked call area (Ø-9) in each Scandinavian country is valid as multiplier on each band, SA8C is a “must have” 🙂

    For more information, visit http://sactest.net