Update from Rapanui Team

    Subject to change — fast moving updates — latest news below:

    I very recently spoke to Stan SQ8X on Easter Island. He wanted people to know the team are doing fine. Spirits are still high even though they have been battling Murphy from Day 1.

    Shortly after Stan posted to the DX cluster about rapid changes in DC voltage (it was going from 59v to 484v in seconds, often when transmitting) he now confirms they have lost all power at the hotel where they are residing. This is a local power problem, which had previously seen them lose their IC-7000 – it blew, along with a fridge, tv and other everyday appliances most of us take for granted.

    Just before we finished our conversation, Stan informs that a possible new hotel QTH they were looking to transmit from is fully booked. Thus, they remain at the power-less hotel, with the owner now looking to bring in a generator. UPDATE @ 16:00z: Confirmation that a generator has been found. However, XR0Y team will be using it only during daylight hours on the island, and for 2-3 days maximum. They continue to look for something more reliable.

    Last night wind speeds were gusting 100km/h which brought down trees at their QTH. For safety, antennas were taken down too. Due to these wind gusts, the airport remains closed, meaning a spare IC-718 they have sourced in Santiago, Chile is currently unable to make the trip to Easter island.

    At this moment, XR0Y are unsure when they will be back on air, but do hope to be QRV later today (Easter Island time) UPDATE @ 18:00z: Now active on 17m SSB.

    UPDATE @ 22:00z: Stan’s missing suitcase (with IC-756 ProIII/RTTY units et al) has been found..

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