Update from Tasiilaq, NA-151 – East Greenland

    • Message from Ric, DL2VFR on Tasiilaq

    After six days and nights of operation from Tasiilaq (IOTA NA-151) in East Greenland we are approaching the 8000 QSO-line. We started with quite good condx, but we experienced an aurora here. So our lowband activities were limited but we had some 10 and 12 meter openings. Meanwhile 80 meters is improving but signals on 160 meters are extremely rare. Nevertheless we are watching the bands 24 hours and we are calling on 160 and 80 during the night – but often without success. Sometimes even all bands are closed here for hours.

    We started today with RTTY. And, we will continue until Saturday morning in SSB and CW to give as many as possible IOTA NA-151. This is our main objective. Signals – by the way – are often aurora-like and the signal strength is very low. Search our logs here.

    Best 73 de

    OX/DF9TM (YL Gabi), OX/DL2SWW (Frank), OX/DL1RTL (Heiko) and DX/DL2VFR (Ric)