Update: XR0Y

    XR0Y keeps on being on the air every day. We had only 2 power blackouts recently, which, comparing to last week, is something amazing.

    Conditions still seem to be not bad, despite lack of sunspots. There are fantastic openings on 12m towards JA. We had some problems with Spiderbeam. It tuned out w/o any reason. 15, 12 and 10 meters went totally unworkable. Fortunately we managed to tune the antenna again on 15 and 12 meters. So we will be there, especially on 12 CW/RTTY.

    We had a very successful run on PSK63 on 17m towards EU. We weren’t first sure if this mode/speed could be ok during the DXpedition. Results were surprising – contacts were being made very quickly with very few errors in decoding signals. It’s hard to take things for granted, but it seems this was a very first PSK63 transmission from Easter Island ever. We are also very happy to see logged takers from the most difficult part of the world in order to work Easter island: Central Asia. This confirms lightweight antennas, if they are installed good, can do magic.

    Finally there are much longer moments without showers. Sun is shining extremelly strong even through a cloud filter. We’ve got serious sunburns after 30m walk during cloudy weather even though we use sunblocks. We hired a car yesterday and spent 10 hours touring the island. We had an unforgeable bath at Anakema beach.

    Some words on our roaster for next 4 last days of our DXpedition. We will continue on keeping 2 stations operational until the very last moment. However our Spiderbeam and 160/80 vertical must be taken down and disassembled on Saturday. We hope we will leave 40 & 30m until Sunday morning local time as it’s very easy to disassemble and pack them. We expect to go QRT on Sunday, Nov 15 around 12.00 UTC at the latest.

    Thursday 12th or Friday 13th will be a day we will try to call some more NA/SA/EU

    We will appear on 17m RTTY and SSB on Wednesday UTC afternoon hours. There is also some 80 and 12m RTTY operation planned. The other non-digital station will continue to swap bands SSB/CW.

    We have collected some little souvenirs to be attached to our premium 3D cards that will be available for ordering via OQRS soon. Some 3D pictures have already been taken, too.

    Vicky SV2KBS is doing a great job on CW. This is a very first major CW operation and she really enjoys running CW pileups. YL Power! 🙂

    Stan SQ8X @ XR0Y