Using Microsoft OneNote as a Great DXing Tool

    Looking for a way to bring together all relevant information about each DXpedition I’m hoping to work, I remembered a product from Microsoft, part of the Office suite, called OneNote.

    OneNote lets you grab items from webpages, or other sources and quickly assemble them into a note page, complete with any images, text or hyperlinks you might want to include.  It’s as simple as drag and drop, or highlight, drag and drop.

    You can arrange items in any arrangement, and even resize them.  I’ve shown everything for each dxpedition on a single page, but you can even have multiple pages should you like, with different categories on each page.  It’s all up to how you want to use it.

    Here’s a page I put together for the CY0  dxpedition (if they’re actually able to get to the island).

    I’ve included the logo from the webpage (just for looks purposes), a capture of the VOACAP propagation charts between me and the location, a capture from their webpage showing the frequencies and splits, the qsl information, and a hyperlink which will quickly display any spots for that country or call from DX

    You can include just about anything you might want to include for your own purposes, but it’s looks to me like it will be a great tool.  I have a Notebook called DX with tabs for each of the stations I want to keep track of.

    I already owned Microsoft Office Student (it came with my PC) and OneNote is included in that software.  But I’ve found just OneNote on the web for $14.95 – it’s the old edition, but for these purposes it’s all you need.

    I’m still experimenting, so there’s probably more that it can do than I’ve shown here, but it looks to me like a very useful tool for keeping track of all relevant information about each dxpedition I want to track.  If you come up with any more ideas or ways of using this product, post them here, and share them with the world.

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