V63YWR – Ulithi Atoll, OC-078

    • Following info provided by Steve 9M6DXX:

    William, V63YWR is a new operator resident on Federai Island, Ulithi Atoll, OC-078, in the state of Yap, Micronesia. He is using an IC-718 and longwire, but will soon have a Hexbeam sent from Hawaii.

    He uses amateur radio mainly for family phone patches with AH7G in Hawaii but will happily exchange reports in a relaxed fashion (not pile-up style) with callers after the phone patch business is over. There are apparently no telephone lines on the island and local inhabitants cannot afford to use satellite phones. This is amateur radio as it used to be – I don’t remember hearing phone patches in operation since the 1970s!

    Phone patches in operation at 0730, worked at 0900, on 14245kHz with Richard, AH7G, and John, KH6DLK, also in the QSO. John also holds the callsign V63JB and is helping them install an HF radio system on Federai.

    AH7G will be getting QSL cards printed for V63YWR later.