V73RRC DXpedition to Ujelang Atoll, OC-278: December 2010

    • Message from Yuri, N3QQ

    November 23rd:

    Plan is on Ujelang (OC-278) as V73RRC and during Majuro (OC-029)/Enewetak (OC-087) and /mm we will operate personal callsigns V73QQ – Yuri and V73CF – Tim.

    November 13th:

    Great news! Tim, NL8F will join me on the expedition to Marshall Islands! I met Tim in Dutch Harbor during our 2008 trip (KL7DX, NA-234) expedition. Both air tickets now purchased, arrival in Majuro on November 30th and going back home December 17th. Possibly 160m operation from Enewetak Atoll. Activation of OC-278 planned around Dec 7-12th.

    November 9th:

    Vessel Lady E takes off from Majuro December 1st and return flight is planned for Dec 16th from Enewetak to Majuro. So activation of OC-278 is somewhere in the middle.

    November 6th:

    Activation of IOTA new-one OC-278, Ujelang atoll in Marshall Islands. Early December, 2010 2-3 weeks. Some equipment (radio/amp/generator/antennas) already prepositioned in Enewetak. Callsign: V73RRC

    • Video from October trip as V73QQ to Enewetak Atoll and Majuro