V73RRC / V73QQ – Ujelang Atoll (OC-278) Marshall Islands

    • Update, October 14:

    V73RRC QSL manager N7RO reports the expedition to Ujelang Atoll, OC-278 has been postponed. It is possible a new effort will be made end November/beginning December.

    Bookmark V73QQ/V73RRC for future news: http://oc-278.ucoz.com/

    • Update, October 13 – V73QQ now QRV from Enewetak Atoll, OC-087


    • October 7 – V73QQ now QRV from Majuro, OC-029

    • October 3 update from Yuri, N3QQ – Operation plan below:


    V73QQ October 7-8 Majuro, Ratak Chain IOTA OC-029 starting 06:00z on Oct 7th.

    V73QQ October 12-14 Enewetak Atoll IOTA OC-087.

    V73RRC October 15-19 uninhabited Ujelang Atoll IOTA OC-278, new one.

    Bands: 6m – 40m, SSB & CW, 600W PA, vertical dipoles and 1/4 wave for 40m.

    QSL via N7RO