V73TM, V73QQ & V73RRC – News

    December 7: V73RRC now QRV from Ujelang Atoll IOTA OC-278, new one.[audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/V73RRC-30-CW.mp3|titles=V73RRC-30-CW]

    December 2: from Yuri N3QQ.

    Callsign was changed by local authorities, and Tim is operating as V73TM. We are off to the boat in a few hours and will be in Enewetak around Monday. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/V73QQ-mm-20-CW.mp3|titles=V73QQ-mm-20-CW]

    November 30: Russian Robinson Club members Tim Tilleman NL8F (V73TM) and Yuri Sushkin N3QQ (V73QQ) are off to Marshall Islands to activate Ujelang Atoll, OC-278. Again. Take 2.

    Please mark your calendar (callsign updated to reflect change)

  • V73TM V73QQ Nov 30/Dec 1 Majuro, Ratak Chain IOTA OC-029
  • V73TM/mm V73QQ/mm Dec. 2-Dec 4th travel to Enewetak Atoll
  • V73TM V73QQ Dec 5-7 Enewetak Atoll IOTA OC-087
  • V73RRC around Dec. 8-11 uninhabited Ujelang Atoll IOTA OC-278, new one
  • V73TM V73QQ Dec 12-16 Enewetak atoll OC-087

  • After Majuro all dates are estimates, subject to transportation availability and weather. Updates and real time location.

    V73TM QSL via K8NA
    V73QQ/V73RRC QSL via N7RO
    Bands: 6m-160m 
    Equipment: IC-7600, IC-7000
    Amplifier: Ameritron ALS-600Sx2
    Antennas: full size vertical dipoles for 20/15/10m,  1/4 wave vertical for 30/40/80/160m.
    Planned modes: SSB/CW

    We would like to thank Mike K9AJ for vaccinations and local customs information, Dick N7RO and Ted K8NA for QSL management, Andy RZ3EM for maintaining of website OC-278.ucoz.com , Yuri UA9OBA for moral support and guidance, Shu JN6RZM for organizing financial support from Japan, IREF and all individual donors worldwide. No need to mail QSL for donors, contacts will be confirmed direct, no postage is necessary. All bureau cards will be confirmed via bureau.

    Live tracking of location is on the following page

    Tim Tilleman NL8F Yuri Sushkin, N3QQ