VC1D & VX1D – Bon Partage, NA-126

    VC1D is the callsign to be used during the 2011 IOTA Contest Dxpedition to Bon Portage Isl, NA-126 which is off Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia.

    Expedition members are: Helen VA1YL; Rich VA1CHP; Bill VE1MR; Lynn VE1ENT; Lowell VY2OX; Bill VE3NNQ; Al VO1NO; and Fred VE1FA.

    Operations will be on 80-6m. Outside the IOTA Contest (30-31 July 2011), the call VX1D will be used (26 July-1 Aug. 2011).

    QSL via VE1DHD.