VE1FO/P – Brier Island, NA-127

    VE1FO/P QTH: Brier Island Lodge
    VE1FO/P QTH: Brier Island Lodge

    Members of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club will be activating Brier Island (IOTA NA 127 & Canadian Island number NS 011).

    Brier Island is located at 44 degrees 15?? 22? N / 66 degrees 21?? 45? W . The callsign to be used will be VE1FO/p.

    The dates are Friday evening May 22nd through Sunday evening May 24th.

    The team includes six couples ?? Dick Grantham (VE1AI) and Sandra; Scott Wood (VE1QD) and Sue Roleston; Howard Dickson (VE1DHD) and Jean; Gary Bartlett (VE1RGB) and Bev; Ken McCormick (VY2RU) and Ella (VE1PEI); and Frank Wilson (VE1FHW) and Carol (VE1CBW).

    We will be operating both SSB and CW on 80, 40, 30, 20, 15 and 17m. We will operate from the Brier Island Lodge (

    A special QSL card will be printed for this DX-pedition. QSL via VE1DHD.