VE9GLF & VE9MY: NA-198 & NA-027

    • August 30 – Now QRV from NA-198: [audio:|titles=VO1-VE9MY-20-SSB]

    By Len VE9MY

    On August 30th Linda, VE9GLF and Len, VE9MY expect to operate from Cottel Island, IOTA NA-198 , with a new Canadian Island number after we make +25 contacts. Operation will likely start at about 1330Z and go for approx 4-5 hours.

    August 31st we will attempt to do two new Canadian islands 1) Inner Island, 2) Anties Island. These will both be IOTA NA-027. Exact time is unknown at this time due to travel time but likely by 1400Z. QSL details can be found here.

    • On August 27, VE9GLF, VE9MY and VO1DK were also active from NA-027: [audio:|titles=VO1—20-SSB]