Video – AH0BT: All Asian DX Contest SSB 2010

    By Kuny 7L1FPU

    We have returned home from the All Asian DX Contest SSB 2010. All of us are same team (from 2009) so my son KH0UA (now 10 years old) joined again. I have just uploaded AADX contest movie. Please check it!

    In this contest, JG1FYW (7 yrs old) called AH0BT (Op:KH0UA 10 yrs), and a successful contact made. The father of JG1FYW has also uploaded the video of JG1FYW calling AH0BT. I think this 59-07 v 59-10 contact is the youngest by far in this year’s AADX.

    We at AH0BT are planning to QRV again for CQ WW SSB (end October) so looking forward to making  thousands of QSOs with EU stations during the contest.  There is only sea between our shack and EU!!

    Kuny 7L1FPU