VK0/H – A Message

    UPDATE: Daniel recently posted this news on his Heard Island blog:

    I’ve been hearing from lots of HAM radio operators all round the world ever since I got in touch with a few guys who write for DX and Ham radio magazines.  It looks like Heard Island is a much sort after destination to receive a transmission from, so much so that my email folder is bulging at the seams with requests and well wishes.

    To be honest I think it will be a huge challenge to learn HAM radio and to be able to transmit from Heard Island.  But as I am beginning to understand how important it might be for all those radio enthusiasts out there, I will try my best to bring VK0/H alive again.  So to all those HAM radio enthusiast out there please be patient as I try and answer all your emails.  I hope you don’t think I’m being rude, its just that there are lots of emails to answer.

    February 9, 2012 — The following message from Daniel Kelton in Sydney, NSW is published in full. Upon reading, it’s hoped local VK hams or generally helpful operators can point Daniel in the right direction. This could, in theory, be a chance to see VK0/H hit the airwaves again, albeit small scale and new operator.

    In 2013 I will be sailing solo to Heard Island to attempt to climb its mountain and kayak around its shores. I understand that Heard Island is a much sought after destination for DX and HAM radio operators.

    I would be very happy to transmit from there but would need a lot of advice and guidance about HAM radio.

    Here is my blog site for your information. I would also be very happy to answer further questions about my expedition.