VK4ILH – Moreton Island, OC-137

    An experienced team of 8 operators will be signing VK4ILH during the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend Aug 18 & 19, 2012.

    Activity to take place (prior to ILLW) from the 17th of August at Cape Moreton Lighthouse AU0009 / WLOTA Ref: LH2987 located on Moreton Island IOTA OC-137, Grid Locator QG62RX.

    This expedition will mark the very 1st time Cape Moreton Lighthouse has ever been activated. Scheduled in 2007 for the ILLW, this activity never took place. Although OC-137 is not a “Most Wanted” IOTA Group, Moreton Island has not been active in almost 15 years

    VK4ILH Team is: Derek VK4MIA, Paul VK4FPDW, Brooke VK4MBL, Graham VK4GRA, Ewan VK4ERM, Catherine VK4GH, John VK4IO & Luke VK3HJ.

    QSL Manager is VK4MIA via Buro, Direct & LOTW.

    Further information at www.capemoreton2012.com (Currently Under Construction), via Facebook www.facebook.com/vklighthouse and Twitter @VKLighthouse