VK4LDX/P – Update on DXpedition to Magnetic Island, OC-171

    • Message from Craig Edwards, VK4LDX

    Craig VK4LDX will be doing his last visit to Magnetic Island OC-171 on April 17 – 20 operating as VK4LDX/P. He’ll arrive in the afternoon and hope to be on air around 0800 UTC using a Spiderbeam tribander on the 10m Spiderbeam mast along with a vertical and 40m dipole.

    This location is on a small cliff and has a good water take off to North America on the long and short paths and Europe on the long path. There is a hill blocking short path Europe and JA but these are the most reliable paths and with the Spiderbeam he still should be heard in Asia and Europe short path.

    Craig will do updates during the DXpedition on his blog and intends to operate from 2100-0200 UTC and 0600-1600 UTC each day.


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