VK4WIP / VI4FI – Fraser Island, OC-142

    • UPDATE – Message from Derek, VK4MIA

    Team VK4WIP will be signing as VI4FI during the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend Aug 21 & 22. VK4ICE Communications is supplying our antennas while on the island plus sponsorship from the Ipswich City Council.

    Further information at our website.

    Activity to take place from Sandy Cape Lighthouse AU0043 located on Fraser Island IOTA OC-142, Grid Locator QG65OG. Possible portable activity to take place prior to the Lighthouse Weekend signing as VI4FI/P while travelling the east coast of Fraser Island within QG64 & QG65 locators.

    VI4FI Team is: Derek VK4MIA, Paul VK4FPDW, Mike VK4QS & Graham VK4FGCC

    Here’s a video to show the location of the Lighthouse.

    Email the team at vi4fi@yahoo.com